Taste of sweet brown heaven

A seasonal celebration of the art of chocolate making is set to tickle the taste buds at the birthplace of Wisbech’s most famous daughter.

Food consultant Alison Sloan is set to give a ‘Chocolate heaven cookery demonstration’ at Octavia Hill’s Birthplace House at 7 South Brink on Easter Saturday (April 20) and the session will blend hands-on truffle making with some seriously sweet history.

Ever since the idea of modern Easter eggs started to take off in the nineteenth century, people’s minds have naturally turned to chocolate as they mark the season, and participants at the session will be treated to a cooking demonstration of several chocolate-based dishes.

A hands-on treat will involve helping to make some truffles, and people attending will have the chance to tuck into different types of chocolate so that they can pore over the tempting range of quality levels on offer.

Mrs Sloan, who is bringing the mouth watering event to the Birthplace House for the first time, is also planning to tell the story of the sweet brown substance that has conquered the world.

She said:  “The history of chocolate is really interesting, including how it originated, how it came to this country and why it has become such a popular product to eat.”

The demonstration at the Wisbech home of the social reformer and co-founder of the National Trust starts at 2pm and tickets costing £5, which includes a cup of hot chocolate and the tasting, need to be booked in advance on 07778324250.