Fans from four nations

Visitors flocking to Wisbech from four nations have been bowled over by the museum dedicated to the town’s most notable daughter.

People from all around England, as well as from Scotland, Wales and France, have been expressing their admiration for Octavia Hill’s Birthplace House, as well as for the woman who was born there, in the visitors’ book at the museum.

The house at 7 South Brink, which celebrates the life of a woman famed for campaigning for social reform as well as being a co-founder of the National Trust and a founder of the modern army cadets movement, has won praise for being ‘a real eye-opener’.

One visitor said, “Fascinating – such a find on a rainy day” and another said, “Enjoyed seeing round again and the lovely changes that have been made.”

Others praised its appeal to children, saying, “Kids love it” and “We love how child friendly this museum is.   Love the Beatrix Potter room the most.”

The visits also drew praise for Octavia herself, with comments ranging from ‘What a great lady” and “What an amazing woman” to “A lady with determination, empathy and drive”.

One person summed it all up, saying the world needed a second person made in the same mould to step into her shoes and continue the good work:   “There is a need for a new Octavia Hill mark 2.   Any applications welcome!”

Mr Peter Clayton, chairman of the Octavia Hill Birthplace Museum Trust, said:  “Our visitors’ book is a valuable resource for monitoring our efforts.   Although we are now in the close season, the museum continues to open on the first Saturday of each month, from 1pm to 4.30pm.”