Artists’ gift for animal care

A fund-raising effort in memory of a long-standing member of a Wisbech art class has raised more than £100 for animal welfare.

The Octavia Hill art group raised the money in remembrance of Mrs Barbara Bullen, who had staged several exhibitions in the area.    She enjoyed a long connection with the group led by tutor Ian Milburn, which meets in the first home of the town’s most famous daughter at 7 South Brink.

Octavia Hill is celebrated both nationally and internationally as a co-founder of the National Trust, which provides habitats for wildlife as well as looking after historic buildings, and a pioneering social reformer.

The cash has been donated to the Cambridgeshire Mid East Branch of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which is based at its charity shop in March, and will go towards local animals in its care.